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What is FT
FT is the token issued by FCoin. The entire issued FT base equates to the overall ownership of FCoin trading platform which adopts an innovative “Trans-Fee Mining” model. The total number of issued FTs is set at 10 billion and will never increase. FCoin, the platform, will instantaneously distribute the bulk of its revenue to FT holders. At the same time, FT holders have certain rights in governing the FCoin community.
FCoin is committed to create an autonomous, efficient and transparent digital assets trading platform that allows traders and investors to safely trade any size of digital assets without worrying about the impartiality and transparency of this platform, or the integrity and robustness of the order handling systems. While FCoin is not a company in the traditional sense, it takes a crucial step in evolving the digital assets trading platform into a revolutionary “community”. The FCoin community is an open and transparent token-based organization. Each FT (FCoin Token) holder has the right to participate in community activities such as partaking in the community’s revenues distribution, business decision, management team election and so on. FCoin is a “community” organization of all FT holders, by all FT holders, and for all FT holders.
FT Rights
Token as circulated-encrypted certificates allowing various digitized rights, will become the basis of the future digital economy. FT as the representation of FCoin community stake, is the cornerstone of FCoin community governance.
Revenue distribution
FCoin trading platform’s revenue will be distributed to FT holders at a fixed proportion. Initial distribution proportion: 80% for FT holders, and 20% for FCoin development and operation.
Decision-making Rights
FCoin community uses smart contract voting to allow FT holders to participate in decision-making in the daily businesses of the platform. Business decision includes but not limited to distribution proportion, transaction fee and transaction related matters.
Election and Supervision Rights
FCoin community committee members are elected for limited periods. FT holders can participate committee election, or supervise platform transparency and conduct due diligence on committee members.
Get FT
Get FT through mining
“Trans-Fee Mining”, get FT through transaction fees 100% reimbursement.
Exchange To Buy FTs
Users can buy and hold FTs via exchanging.