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"Trading is a mining" plan


Our White Paper has a detailed explanation of Reimbursement of Transaction Fees. Overall, 51% of the platform's total FT base (referred to as "community reward portion" from now on) will be reimbursed to users over time via our "Trans-Fee Mining" mechanism. However once this 51% of the total FTs has been fully released via reimbursement, the "Trans-Fee Mining" mechanism will automatically end.
Everyday (UTC+8, same as below) FCoin will reimburse 100% of the users' transaction fees incurred from the previous day in the form of FTs. This will be done by using the average FT price of the previous day (this average price is calculated as total value transacted/total volume transacted). We will complete this reimbursement of transaction fees from the previous day in the form of FTs, at 11am everyday.

Date Average price (ETH) Total (ETH) Trans-Fee Mining reimbursement (FT) Incentive Program for FCoin reimbursement (FT)